A Random Password Generator


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👉 This app works offline 👈

All passwords are generated client side — aka. on your local device. They are not generated on a server, and they are not transferred over the network. No one but you (or anyone looking at your screen) are able to see these passwords. Guard them as if your life depends on them, it just might! is both safe and anonymous. If you don't trust me and want to make sure the generated passwords are not stored anywhere, try disconnecting your device from the internet and regenerate the passwords.

You can also disconnect your device from the internet/network and reload this page. The password generator will still work and you can be sure no information is being sent anywhere out from your device.

For the super skeptical: Disconnect, regenerate, copy, then close the tab/browser and flush your browsers cache before reconnecting to the network. I really don’t want anyones passwords, having them only creates problems ;-) I want people to use this app; and for that to happen it must be trustworthy.

Still not convinced? Good, I like that, you shoould be careful with your passwords. Check out the source code of on Github.

A general security tip is to keep your passwords at least 16 characters long, include UPPERcase and lowercase letters, in addition to numbers. If you do, your password is considered to be a strong password.

If you want to make super strong passwords consider these additional steps:
  1. Increase the size above 16 characters
  2. Add some non a-z characters
  3. Throw in a couple of spaces
This app makes super strong passwords by default. 💪